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About Spinnaker

Spinnaker is a data submission and validation platform designed to apply arbitrary validation and QC operations on files along with metadata schema validation. It is used by the Analysis Core to verify uploaded fastq and other file types along with checking minimal metadata standards are adhered to. Files passing validation through Spinnaker are then used for further analysis by the core whereas failed files are indicated. Submitters can use the Spinnaker web UI and command line client to examine validation reports, correct problems, and resubmit data until they pass validation.

Leveraging Redwood

Spinnaker is designed to use Redwood as both the source of files to validation and also the destination for file validation reports. Only data passing validation by Spinnaker are eligible for further analysis by the Core and for subsequent inclusion in the Boardwalk data portal.


View a demo of Spinnaker 2.0 here:

Spinnaker 2.0 Demo


Spinnaker is open source. The project repositories can be found at:

Repository Description https://github.com/BD2KGenomics/dcc-spinnaker The Spinnaker validation service https://github.com/BD2KGenomics/dcc-spinnaker-client Spinnaker client used by submitters