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About Redwood

Redwood is a cloud-agnostic object storage + metadata system designed to store genomic data and metadata files. The storage backend is based on the ICGC Storage System which affords support of both Amazon S3 and Ceph object stores. Layered on top of the backend is a metadata standard based on JSON Schema which is used to model the biospecimen, clinical metadata, phenotypic information, etc for a given file. Redwood includes indexing technologies that aggregates metadata into a searchable index, which is used by a variety of systems to track, search, and mine information stored in the system.

Supporting Spinnaker and Boardwalk

Redwood is a key component of the Analysis Core's infrastructure. It provides the backend for storing all project metadata and data files in multiple cloud environments. Spinnaker uses Redwood as the source for files needing validation along with persistence of validation reports. Boardwalk uses the metadata and data indexes built using Redwood in its faceted File Browser search interface.


Redwood is open source. The project repositories can be found at:

Repository Description https://github.com/BD2KGenomics/dcc-metadata Metadata service https://github.com/BD2KGenomics/dcc-storage Core storage service https://github.com/BD2KGenomics/dcc-metadata-schemas Metadata schemas https://github.com/BD2KGenomics/dcc-metadata-indexer Indexer generates Elasticsearch indexes from contents in Redwood https://github.com/BD2KGenomics/dcc-redwood-client Redwood client