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Our mission as the Analysis Core is to help researchers in the UCSC Genomics Institute use modern tools to accurately and efficiently analyze large volumes of sequence data. We build the software that makes this possible (the Development team) and we also are responsible for running the "core" analysis pipelines for projects within the Institute (the Production team).

Available Workflows

We are growing our available pipelines to support projects in the Institute including:

Pipeline Description RNAseq RNASeq analysis using RSEM and Kallisto Whole Exome/Whole Genome - Germline GATK best practices germline pipeline with bcbio Whole Genome - Somatic Whole genome somatic workflows from PCAWG including Sanger, DKFZ, and EMBL best practices or bcbio Whole Exome - Somatic Whole exome somatic workflow with bcbio ProTECT Neoantigen pipeline

Burndown Chart

Total number of existing jobs vs number of completed jobs.

Ordering Analysis

You can see our current Workflow Pricing for information on the costs of analyzing samples with these pipelines. Large batches can be processed at reduced rates, please contact us for more information using the "Submit Analysis Request" below.

Current Analysis Workflows & Pricing

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